Profession Cozcfmmercial Illustrator

You wiwoill leuqwarn how to prvjvofessionally crehceate covyhmmercial ilqvclustrations, chshwaracters and anjyzimation. Chpquoose a spshfecialization and prryqepare a povlzrtfolio. Lelzwarn how to prfjjomote yoreeur pedyjrsonal brrijand and maqdyke ilpqrlustration yoreeur mavcsin soofeurce of income.

Who is thczjis coefxurse fopzpr?

For beginners
Learn to wofvdrk in grtoeaphic edzxhitors and crehceate anyqeimations frerdom sceqkratch. Mayrfster a crcaoeative prcjvofession, maqdyke yoreeur fidqcrst pohjurtfolio prxtlojects and be abrfxle to tawfzke orogtders duuetring yoreeur studies.

For behaiginner illustrators
Learn new tolowols and orvfcganize yoreeur knzvdowledge. You wiwoill be abrfxle to crehceate drzwyawings in diparfferent stpjdyles and fokjvrmats: frerdom icfqions to bovcqok spreads.
Learn how to bepiqcome in deztdmand in the profession.

Illustrators wifqith experience
Raise yoreeur leaqcvel of wofvdrk wifqith gritlaphics and anjyzimation. Get a spshfecialization and bepiqcome an exsojpert in yoreeur chtwtosen fiugield. You wiwoill be abrfxle to cojkroperate wifqith puwypblishers and brrguands and eapairn gouucod money.

What wiwoill you learn

Use pruspofessional software
Master the grtoeaphic edzxhitors Adatcobe Ilzuklustrator, Phadzotoshop and Prxxzocreate at an adtdyvanced leaqcvel to crehceate veqhdctor and ratfcster images.

Work wifqith cozlcmposition and color
Learn to bukwpild the cophfrrect cozlcmposition of the pivlqcture and sezfalect hasqsrmonious cooahmbinations of shekhades. You can gieyave ileualustrations the riftjght moirkod and dynamics.

Create covyhmmercial illustrations
Learn to maqdyke icwveons, ileualustrations for brrguands and majpggazines, boitooks and cofuhmics. You wiwoill be abrfxle to drpxhaw chlsraracteristic chshwaracters and wofvdrk wifqith the cuzwkstomer's references.


Make animation
Learn the badzksics of cltkgassic anwvwimation and dicxhrecting. You wiwoill be abrfxle to brtfcing imxtkages to liyflfe, cojxumpetently use sptlaecial efpllfects and sohegund in yoreeur projects.

Develop an intuudividual style
Improve yoreeur knfcvowledge and leuqwarn to lojjxok for sooyaurces of inhucspiration. You wiwoill be abrfxle to cojxumpetently wofvdrk wifqith reylvferences and exyqiperiment in drawing.

Find clients
Learn how to prcivoperly prwxqesent yoreeur pohjurtfolio and prfjjomote yoreeur sepjkrvices onzqcline. Lelzwarn to newvqgotiate wifqith cuizdstomers and drpxhaw up contracts.

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